Giulia Maffioli is behind Giulia Hepburn.
Movies and Arts are one of my big inspirations is why I chose this important surname, that contains a lot of meaning.
Not only a famous surnames of great actress, but something more that is behind the icon, behind the camera. This is what I aim to express with my photography, a story behind the shot.

Photographer based in London, worked with brands like Rabbithole London, Wuan, Latitu°, among others.
Covering event with Anchorbay studios like London Fashion Week, emerging designers show and catwalk. Contributor of PhotoVogue Italy.
Editorials published on Dark Beauty Magazines, En Vie, Flux Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Obscure Magazine, Solis Magazine, Nikon Sguardi.
Expositions in London, Madrid, Milan, Cracovia, Alba, Trieste, Cuneo.

Giulia Hepburn likes dachshund, palms, Japanese culture, soundtrack, movies, cinematic mood, singing, playing guitar, dreaming, create silly song, chicken katsudon, cherry blossom, nostalgic mood, aestetics, be involved in new projects, instagram, Lana Del Rey, musicals, cuddles, sweets, sunglasses, tea with friends.