Manhattan Vs Lancaster

Photographer: Giulia Hepburn
Photographer Assistant: Emanuele Di Paolo
Fashion Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Makeup: Simona Cascino
Hair stylist: Rika Liddell
Models: Filippo Boschero, Elisa Muriale, Storm Neverland, Alice Nope
Assistants: Shane Shallott, Alessandro Berlingeri, Iris Piovano, Daniela Castelli
Thank you to Lago Dij Baloss

The shooting that I created with my staff, titled "Manhattan vs Lancaster", shows the story of a New York girl that comes into an amish community. these two realities try to know each other and, in the end, the young girl becomes a little bit amish and the amish becomes a little bit fashion. For the style we wanted to make the editorial a very fashion photoshoot. The young girl lives in a dream made by jewelry, fashion clothing, contemporary accessory, with vivid colors, “over the top” make up and hairstyle. The young girl is funny and glamour in the same time. The amish community have vintage dresses, with the colors of the Earth, their hair are austere. their mood is austere and full of mystery. The final message of these shooting is about diversity and accept what is different from us.

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