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This decision was made many months ago. I think almost one year ago. I wanted a new camera to use especially during my travel, that was good both in Video and Pictures.

Like everyone before me, I was looking at Sony first, but, you have to know that I don’t like trends or why everybody is using the same camera. Is not my style. Also, I’m not affectionate of one single brand, I used Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta. I don’t care about the label, I care about my feelings and the results.

So my first steps were reading all the reviews available online about cameras. I saw so many videos, I wrote so many notes, to see what was the perfect camera for me.

Then I went into camera shops, asking genuine opinions to the sale assistants. And in the end, the perfect camera came to me: the Fujifilm XT30

383g, 26.1 megapixels, CMOS 4 sensor, film simulation, 4k/120p.


That’s a lot! But let me write the 5 reasons why I moved into FujiFilm Xt30

Small, Light and silent

The camera is light and small. If you want to travel without having a camera bag or backpack, this little Fuji is perfect for a small pouch. Also is not heavy, so If you are walking all day, your neck and shoulder will be fine. I tested in a 3 days trip to Amsterdam and I never ever had a problem. Also, you can put your shutter mode in silent and for me this feature is incredible! I am that type of photographer that shoot from distance or hiding because I don’t want to jump in an “aggressive” way to my subject ( I believe in “social distancing”).

giulia hepburn amsterdam canal view romantic street photography

Pictures & Video are great

My main camera for work is a Canon 5d Mark III, that I love. It’s a great camera, We achieved many good results together and I know that I can always count on her. BUT the 5D is quite heavy. When I was travelling for one week, with my little backpack and my film camera and the Canon one, I had no energy to film videos. Also changing the focus is great in manual, but not so great digitally (also because you can record the noise). For this reason, I always avoided filming during my holiday or for my other project. With The Fujifilm XT30 now my dream is real. The sensor of the camera is very good, also in low light. The colours are vibrant and sharp. Video wise, the camera has the face tracking/subject tracking, and when I am filming my Youtube video I don’t need to bother if I am in focus or not. Also, you can tilt the screen to see better during sunny days.

Giulia Hepburn Amsterdam house view

Touch Screen

The touch screen is something new for me, but I have to say that I really like it, especially for videos. Is super easy to change the focus just with my finger without having a white screen, flares or random artefact. I can manage and see all the setting, but also hiding them if I don’t need them.

giulia hepburn amsterdam museum street photography


As I told you, the touch screen is incredibly easy for video, but for the picture, I am old school. I can’t see into the screen, in my head I look so silly. I need to look into a viewfinder. Like Sony, with the fuji one you can decide if you want to you the screen, the viewfinder or both in combination. The viewfinder is bright and has a high resolution compared to the previous model from the same brand.

Giulia Hepburn Amsterdam street photography museum

Remote Control

I’ve never had a camera that I can control remotely by my phone with an app. I know, sound incredible, but this is the reality. I remember when I was trying to film my self with my Canon and I was never sure if I was on focus or not (I was never on focus btw). Now I can check with the app, both picture and video. I can also manage the shutter speed, the focus etc.

Giulia Hepburn Amsterdam street photography bicycle houses

Let me also share with you some of the negative points that I found with this camera

giulia hepburn amsterdam canal view romantic street photography

Big Hands

Sometimes I’m pressing accidentally buttons near the screen (especially when I am using the viewfinder). I don’t know if my hands are too big or not, but when I am focusing on a subject and then I see a screen with all the setting is a little bit weird. I think is just a matter to get used to the camera.

Battery Life

The battery life id too short for me. If you are keeping switching on/off your camera in a cold place using the boost option (high-performance option for the camera), the battery will die pretty soon. Also, it depends on how many pictures/video are you doing. I’ve already bought 2 more batteries to be able to cover as much as I want during an entire day out.


The Mic plug is 2.5 mm stereo mini connector. I am normally using a leveller mic for my video, that has a bigger plug (3.5mm). So I bought an adapter and for the moment, that I am not filming looking for the best quality audio ever, is fine, but I think that filming outside, just with a gorilla pod or freehand, it will annoy me a lot. Fujifilm has its own microphone, so if somebody is reading my genuine review and want me to send me the mic I am more than happy to try it.

I’m more than happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to use it more and more during my next travel. I really recommend this camera for the travel enthusiast, travel blogger and for anyone else that wants a cool camera on budget with high results.

You can also see my video where I am talking about the Fujifilm XT30

Let me know if you are using this camera or if you are thinking to buy it what are your option about it.

Speak to you soon,