Author: Giulia Hepburn

5 reasons why I moved into FujiFilm XT30 – Best Camera for Travel Blogger

This decision was made many months ago. I think almost one year ago. I wanted a new camera to use especially during my travel, that was good both in Video and Pictures. Like everyone before me, I was looking at Sony first, but, you have to know that I don’t like trends or why everybody is using the same camera. Is not my style. Also, I’m not affectionate of one single brand, I used Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta. I don’t care about the label, I care about my feelings and the results. So my first steps were reading all...

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Alex Prager & the Art of appearances

Do you love old noir movies, beautiful and vintage women with long lashes, vivid colour palette and pleasant absurdity as I do? Well, dear friends, if you don’t know her it’s time to discover the world of Alex Prager. Thank you to an old schoolmate and Instagram stories, I discovered that if you will be in Amsterdam at Foam Museum until 4th September, you will be lucky to see her work directly with you eyes. On my side, I was lucky too, thank you to the Photographer’s Gallery in London, that hosted a solo exhibition last summer. Who is...

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Darlene & Me and how Anja Niemi explores duality

Do you know that feeling when you are travelling in a foreign country and you have read some information in your Lonely Planet guide and then, you look up at a high building and you see an advertisement that you don’ aspected? Well, this is what happened to me in Tallinn, Estonia and the adv of Fotografiska. If you don’t know what Fotografiska is let me introduce you to the photography temple of images. Fotografiska is a contemporary photography museum, born in Stockholm, that is present also in Tallinn (how lucky I was?), New York in September and London...

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