Photographer: Giulia Hepburn
Photographer assistant: Emanuele di Paolo
Fashion Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Makeup: Simona Cascino
Model: Caroline Raimondo @Take Off Agency
Hair Stylist: Rika Liddell
Assistants: Alessandro Berlingeri, Simona Peyrachia, Tania Piccolo, Iris Piovano, Shane Shallott

Killing Stylish The idea of this shooting was born by the inspiration that my staff and me have towards the image of the great Elizabeth Taylor. This is, in fact, homage to her eternal beauty and, in particular, to her movie “Butterfield 8” which gave her the Oscar as actress in a leading role. During our first gathering we wanted to create a loyal reproduction of the movie, but after a long reflection, we understood that the key word which is looking for was: Modernity. We decided to recreate the story of this woman but putting her in our century. We wanted to give an image strong and romantic in which women could recognize, without creating old-fashioned, but present, outfits. All the shooting tries to tell the story ot that woman, from the beginning til’ her sad fallen, and how you can see in the pictures some looks are gipsy- chich. In fact, how you can see, there are elements typical of the gipsy’s couture, for example the makeup or the use of some clothes, but keeping always a great elegance and showing looks who can be worn by any kind of woman. She is a particular version of Venus who doesn’t have the conventional beauty, but she’s a human being with her fragilities which bring her to the death. This is the fallen of a divinity that want to communicate her state not only through her clothes, but also through her hair or make up. Feelings, anxiety and fear don’t fall in the pathetic, or in the tragic, but everything is controlled. The shoots selected are like a frame of the movie. The moment just before the explosion of the feelling on the screen. The urban background is an important element because is part of the composition of the photo. The doors, the gates, the buildings and the palaces are all objects that with extraordinary talent of the model can tell the story in a clear way. Turin is cold, gray, lonely as cloud, and the cement which cover the streets provokes a sense of suffocation, but in some pictures you can see the sun, the light which refers to the little moment of serenity of the protagonist. The city is a sort of cradles which protects and listens to the protagonist’s feelings. My team worked in a fantastic way. I have the lucky to work with amazing people who work hard and if we have realized everything it’s only through the cohesion of our forces. We have studied a lot to prepare this shooting analyzing the movie and trying to observe carefully the expressions of the great Litz Taylor. During the shooting we explained to the model, Caroline Raimond, the mood of the different photos and she could to communicate the feelings I was looking for. Furthermore, my work doesn’t consist only in portraying beautiful dresses but also catching the right expression or the right poses in order to tell the story also through the body language. It was like living for a moment in the movie and we hope Litz is proud of us from the heaven ’cause it’s also a celebration of her. Finally, I want to thank all my team, but in particular I’d like personally thanking my make-up artist, Simona Cascino, my hair-stylist, Rika Liddell, my stylist, Federico Berlingeri, who conveyed the essence of the movie in the reality with a touch of modernity, and all my assistants, from Tania to Alessandro, who with their diligence have helped me to realize this great project. Solis Magazine

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