Photographer: Giulia Hepburn
Models: Stefania Di Palma, Tania Piccolo, Dumitru Josu (Ds Model Management), Samuele Orsi
Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Fashion Designers: Storm Neverland, Reinette Danielle
Mua & Hair stylist: Rika Liddell
Ph Assistant: Emanuele Di Paolo
Assistants: Shane Shallott, Iris Piovano, Daniela Perazzoni

“Children of revolution” shows the story of a rich woman, dressed like a modern and crumbling lady, that comes into a slum, to know and explore that neighborhood. In this area she finds two boys and a girl that who don't like her at the beginning, because she is far away from their world. Time after time she losts her aristocratic mood and she takes off her mask of superiority and becomes a member of the “children of revolution”. My team and I find inspirations from French Revolution, in the figure of Marie Antoinette and from the musical “Miserables”. Most of the dresses have been created exclusively for this shooting. Children of Revolution Preview

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