No Matter what

Published on Atlas Magazine

Photographer: Giulia Hepburn
Model: Caterina Turina
Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Mua: Simona Cascino
Hair stylist: Rika Liddell
Assistant: Luwu Huang

No Matter what Giulia Hepburn and her team decided to realize a shooting inspired to the last month of life of the famous Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe. Giulia describes: “After watching a documentary about her life and her last month of life, when she asked to a photographer to take some pictures without makeup and extraordinary dresses, to show her natural beauty, the real Marilyn and not an icon created by the media. We want to show a different Marilyn far way from the sex bomb icon, but more human with her desperate attempt to find freedom.” You can definitely sense the agony, the fear and the loneliness in this editorial.

Atlas Magazine
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