Seance - Penny Dreadful Tribute

Crew List:
Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Mua/Hair stylist: Rika Liddell
Models: Debora Arese, Martina Bruna, Stefania Di Palma, Chiara Fabbro, Tania Piccolo
Assistans: Iris Piovano, Shane Shallott

Seance - Penny Dreadful Tribute   Me and my team created a tribute to the amazing “Penny Dreadful” . “Penny Dreadful” season 2 premieres comes out Sunday May 3rd at 10pm PT/ET on Showtime. We are inspired by "Séance" episode, where Miss Vanessa Ives lives a possession during a seance. In our version we can see the medium, the girl in red, a mother with her daughter, the girl with the ponytail and the young girl with yellow jacket, the nervous, the girl with the white dress and the possessed, the girl with the purple dress. At the beginning everything is ok, like a family portrait but, when the seance begins everything change. The tension of the possession is hold-back. We can feel the mysterious atmosphere,and the photos show the moment before the feeling explosion.
Behind The Scenes - Scenography
Behind the Scene

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