Behind a Wicked Life

Photographer: Giulia Hepburn
Fashion Stylist: Federico Berlingeri
Makeup: Simona Cascino
Model: Debora Arese - Tania Piccolo
Hair Stylist: Rika Liddell
Assistants:Iris Piovano, Shane Shallott

Behind a Wicked Life Me and my team have decided to show our personal Wicked interpretation behind the scenes, as to simulate the backstage of a theater, where the models continue to act their own role. We have followed some of the most famous songs in the musical, such as “Popular”, “For Good”, “Defying Gravity”. The stylist, Federico Berlingeri, has followed this guide line to recreate the style of the two girls. We can see a great change in Elphaba’s dress style but also in her mood, as like Glinda, who begins in a “funny” mood and, in the end, becomes more mature. Some of the dresses were created and inspired by Elphaba and Glinda characters (the blue one and the grey) and the violet dress was created by another fashion designer, also model, Tania Piccolo/Storm Neverland. The make-up artist and the hair dresser, Simona Cascino and Rika Liddell, have made a wonderful work too. With our project we are trying to communicate the story of Wicked, not only the plot but also character's emotions. With these photos we would like to listen, as an echoes, the music and the story of the musical.

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