Giulia Hepburn

Fashion Photographer

Giulia Maffioli, professionally known as Giulia Hepburn, is a professional with training and experience in the field of fashion, editorial and portrait photography. With her personal style, She tells short stories, fairytales, about drama with her beloved friends, shadows.She expresses herself through shadows because images can emerge form darkness. Not real, but beautiful, eternal, for just a mere instant, and then, those images escape from the memory, into and through the World.

Publications: Dark Beauty Magazine (America), Cloud Orchid Magazine (America), Freque Magazine (Australia), Sguardi- Nikon Magazine, En Vie (Japan),, art+commerce, Pagine Gialle, Flux Magazine (England), Atlas Magazine (England), Solis Magazine (America), Obscure Magazine (America)

Advertising: Federica Lavisio, Daniela Airale, Mon Alicorn, Camomilla Torino, Fas, Harfe69, Mood86 Urban Deep Style, Fulvia Bellone, Museo della civiltà cavalleresca - Saluzzo, K-Noodles, Storm Neverland Fashion Blogger, Borello Torino, RabbitHole London, Musèe Noir, Wuan London, Rjpersonal trainer

Expositions: London (Gallery 10 Galles, 2011), Madrid (Association of Photographers of Catalonia, 2012), Milan (Or Gallery, 2012), Cracovia (Pierwszy Lokal, 2014), Alba (Fashion witch, 2014), Trieste (Trieste Photo Days Festival, 2014), Cuneo (Immagini dal Mondo, September 2015)

Giulia Hepburn Photography

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